Relief and Recovery

Peace Winds America is committed to serving people affected by natural disasters. Through humanitarian assistance and disaster response, PWA helps the most needy  by working with local authorities, NGOs, and national governments at the scene of a natural disaster to provide necessary aid and resources available from US, Japan, and other sources. PWA staff and skilled partners coordinate on-site relief and rehabilitation, and provide liaison services between international responders.

Peace Winds has made it our mission to seek out and aid overlooked and vulnerable people.

• After Super Typhoon Haiyan devastated wide swaths of the Philippines, we supported the recovery of an outlying island that was hit hard but received little to no aid due to its distance from the urban center.
• After disasters the elderly are vulnerable to isolation, cognitive decline, and other health problems. In Japan our programs address their particular needs.
• Women and children are 14 times more likely to die or be injured during a disaster, and are vulnerable to a host of pressures in a disaster’s aftermath. Our recovery work with women acknowledges their vulnerability and their strength.

Relief & Recovery Projects