Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Opens Fishing Association Offices

September 10, 2011 – On September 1st, the Shizugawa Fishing Cooperative held a ceremony with Peace Winds to open its new offices in Minamisanriku.  During the ribbon cutting ceremony, Shizugawa President Norio Sasaki remarked that, “We are very encouraged to recover the fishing industry here.  Thank you very much.”

Peace Winds funded the construction of the two-story office building, and outfitted the offices with equipment and technology.  The offices serve as an information and command center for Minamisanriku’s fishing industry.  President Sasaki and his staff began working immediately at their new location to serve the 400 Shizugawa members.

Restoring the fishing industry is vital to recovery in the small town of Minamisanriku.  Much of the town’s port, fleet, and fishing equipment were lost in the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.  Peace Winds has worked closely with Minamisanriku’s fishing cooperatives to help restore livelihoods and the traditional way of life in this small port town.


Shizugawa and Peace Winds participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony (left).  Shizugawa President Norio Sasaki is back to work at his new desk (center).  The offices for Shizugawa Fishing Cooperative at their new location (right).


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