Disaster Relief and Recovery

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Peace Winds America is committed to serving people affected by natural disasters. Through humanitarian assistance and disaster response, PWA helps the most needy  by working with local authorities, NGOs, and national governments at the scene of a natural disaster to provide necessary aid and resources available from U.S., Japan, and other sources. PWA staff and skilled partners in country coordinate on-site relief and rehabilitation, and provide liaison services with international responders. For more information on how to get involved click here.


Active Relief and Recovery Efforts

Disaster Relief in the Philippines – Typhoon Haiyan (2013 – present)

PWA is providing ongoing recovery assistance on the overlooked island of Busuanga in coordination with our local partner the Citizen’s Disaster Response Center. In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, PWA provided immediate relief in partnership with Peace Winds Japan in the areas of Samar and Leyte. Click here to learn more.


Relief and Recovery in Japan (2011 – present) 

As soon as the earthquake and tsunami hit northern Japan on March 11,2011, both PWA and PWJ began providing relief in Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures. Peace Winds’ on-the-ground relief teams distributed more than 160 tons of supplies to over 20,000 people at evacuation shelters and provided household supplies to 8,500 families as they moved out of evacuation shelters and into temporary housing.  Peace Winds is implementing economic recovery programs to revitalize local fishing families and small businesses. Relief and recovery programs are expected to continue through 2015. Click here to learn more.


Past Relief and Recovery Efforts

Disaster Relief in the Philippines – Typhoon Pablo (2012-2013)

Hard on the heels of August’s Typhoon Saola, the Mindanao region of the Philippines has been devastated by Typhoon Pablo. PWA is partnering to provide relief. Click here to learn more.

Disaster Relief in the Philippines – Typhoon Saola (2012)

The Manila metropolitan area was devastated by flooding caused by Typhoon Saola and subsequent storms in late July and early August, 2012.  Together with a local NGO partner, PWA has initiated relief efforts, bringing food and household supplies to residents displaced by the floods. Click here to learn more.

Peace Winds in Haiti (2010) 

Within a week of the devastating January 12th earthquake, Peace Winds Japan and Peace Winds America traveled to Port-au-Prince to assess the destruction. Our mission was to determine the best means by which the two organizations could assist the Haitian people. Peace Winds quickly recognized many basic needs unfulfilled for the residents of Port-au-Prince, and designed programs to address them.
For more information on our work in Haiti click here.

Relief for West Sumatra (2009)

 On September 9, 2009, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake rocked West Sumatra, Indonesia. The casualty rate exceeded 1,100. Peace Winds distributed food and provided shelter upon arrival.  After conducting investigations for a recovery plan, Peace Winds partnered with local NGO Bina Swadaya to repair and reconstruct the many homes and buildings destroyed in the earthquake and subsequent landslides.
For more information on our work in West Sumatra, Indonesia click here.

PWA Provides Medical Assistance to Taiwan (2009)

Taiwan suffered torrential rains from 2009 Typhoon Morakot, leaving the villages of Wenfun and Wentzu severely flooded. The disastrous conditions left many inured, and numerous residents contracted dermal diseases. PWA, TRMPC and their huge volunteer force delivered medical treatment to these victims. For more information on our work in Taiwan click here.


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