Vietnam – U.S. Business Continuity Initiative

Timeframe: 2013-2016

This 2013-2016 Initiative focused on increasing business resilience and improving public-private coordination on disaster planning within the City of Hai Phong. Sister Cities–Seattle and Hai Phong worked together with PWA and government and business representatives to strengthen disaster planning, risk reduction, and recovery.   Public-private cooperation and coordination were the results of this successful Initiative. The Cities of Hai Phong and Seattle, the Vietnam and U.S. Government (USAID), and the business communities of Seattle and Hai Phong financially supported this three-year Initiative

High waves from Typhoon Conson smash against the bank of Do Son beach in Hai Phong in 2010

Peace Winds America partnered with the Hai Phong People’s Committee, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Hai Phong business organizations and communities. PWA conducted risk assessments, preparedness planning, hazard mapping, and business continuity trainings and consultations. Nearly 1,000 businesses engaged with civil authorities in substantive planning and training activities. Sustainable partnerships, increased operational capacity, and enhanced planning tools are now leading to a more disaster resilient Hai Phong.

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