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Displaced families need help to stay in Evacuation centers long-term


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Peace Winds America Special Donor Recognition
Peace Winds America appreciates and values our donors, whether businesses, organizations, foundations,... Read more >
One Month After the Floods: Peace Winds Continues To Provide Supplies to Evacuees
Peace Winds continues to provide operation support at Haki Junior High Evacuation... Read more >
FLASH APPEAL: Donations Needed for Haki Evacuation Center Evacuees
Since deadly floods hit Kyushu in early July, hundreds of evacuees are... Read more >
Peace Winds Takes Over Haki Evacuation Center Operations
Over 700 people in Asakura, Fukuoka have been forced to live in... Read more >
Peace Winds Joins Disaster Relief Forum in Taiwan
Peace Winds America was invited to participate in an international forum in... Read more >
Peace Winds Helps Improve Life for Evacuees in Shelters
Peace Winds' addressed the needs of evacuees in Fukuoka shelters. One week... Read more >

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Peace Winds America Special Donor Recognition
The Seattle Kumamoto… 
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