Recovering Nepalese Women’s New Jobs are Sweet (Literally)

Candy-Making Creates New Opportunities for Women’s Recovery

Sumitra Baniya is a single woman with a dream: to create products to sell at the market so women producers get a cut of the profit middlemen currently take.

She said in an interview, “After the earthquake, the situation of my village deteriorated. Many people just stopped working. They left the farm barren. The cattle began to die. Women were the worst affected as they had to take care of the children and the family. We didn’t get any support from the government. We lost hope, we didn’t know what to do. Even after more than a year we haven’t been able to completely recover from the trauma of the disaster.”

For Sumitra, and more than 250 of her neighbors, making candy in a community center Peace Winds constructed in Nala, Kavrepalanchowk is a chance at a true profit and real recovery. This work was made possible thanks to our local partner, SABAH Nepal, and our funding partner, Global Giving-UK.

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