Nepal Shelters Make Progress, Housing Hundreds

Girls at a shelter construction site

The rainy monsoon season is drawing to a close, and the next stage of housing construction in devastated Sindhupalchowk District has begun.  In July Peace Winds began distribution of corrugated iron roofing to 1,030 families in Sanisirubari village. This durable sheeting was used to reinforce temporary shelters and provide stronger protection against heavy rain and wind. Soon these CGI will top permanent, earthquake-resistant brick houses.  To aid earthquake survivors, Peace Winds also distributed blankets to over 6,000 people.

With Peace Winds’ support, villagers have been training with national engineers and masons in seismic technology since August. Expert builders are teaching villagers how to construct earthquake-resistant structures through the creation of eight model buildings that, when completed, will serve as community centers – places to gather, share ideas, and further the knowledge transfer of earthquake-resistant building methods through on-going training and demonstrations.

Peace Winds will also hire local 40 masons to assist villagers with housing construction when rebuilding begins in earnest at the end of this month. (Hiring locally will also aid the regional economy.)  Villagers are eager to put their new skills to good use in creating safe and durable permanent dwellings for their families.

Shelter construction underway
A briefing for shelter project masons

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