Peace Winds America Annual Reports

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Peaces Winds America Frameworks cover

Frameworks and Partnerships – Improving HA/DR in the Asia Pacific

This book is the culmination of the Japan-U.S.-Philippines Trilateral Disaster Preparedness Initiative. The book assesses the disaster preparedness and response relationship of Japan and the U.S. in the context of operations with a regional partner and ally: the Philippines. The book analyzes how each nation’s disaster response can be improved in terms of “whole of society” collaboration and using the unique relationships among Japan, the U.S., and the Philippines. More information about the Japan-U.S.-Philippines Trilateral Disaster Preparedness Initiative can be found here.

Strengthening the Alliance: HA/DR Preparedness in the Asia Pacific

This book is a product of the many elements of the Japan – U.S. Disaster Preparedness Initiative: hands-on training workshops, senior policy forums, tabletop exercises, scholarly research, stakeholder interviews, and partner input. The book addresses many of the most pressing questions in current humanitarian assistance / disaster relief practice in Asia, such how Japanese and U.S. governments and militaries work together in response, what lessons emerged from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and the role of disaster cooperation in the future Japan-U.S. security alliance.

This PWA report addresses these questions and more, placing HA/DR in the context of wider issues of non-traditional security and the unique challenges facing East and Southeast Asia. For more information about the Japan – U.S. Disaster Preparedness Initiative, click here.

Japan – U.S. Sister Cities Natural Disaster Preparedness and Response Exchange

Peace Winds America and its sister organization, Peace Winds Japan, partnered with the Seattle Office of Emergency Management and the San Francisco Emergency Management Department to conduct the three day conference for the 100+ participants.  Six U.S. and Japan cities participated, exchanging lessons learned and best practices in planning, preparing, and responding to natural disasters.   The six port cities had experiences earthquakes, floods, typhoons and heavy rains were eager to improve their preparedness and response for future disasters.  This document provides a summary of conference proceedings, as well as best practices and recommendations. To learn more about the Japan – U.S. Sister City Exchanges, click here.