Tohoku Partnerships Enable Kumamoto Response

PWJ search and rescue crew in Kumamoto

Even as PWA continues to support long-term recovery and rehabilitation in Tohoku, this quarter we have faced yet another disaster in Japan. The earthquakes of April 14-16 devastated a wide swath of Kumamoto Prefecture, killed 49 people and injured over 3,000.  Peace Winds America immediately began conducting outreach to partners and potential supporters.

PWA’s long involvement in Tohoku has informed and even improved this new response. PWA partnership with Peace Winds Japan has been strengthened, yielding fast response and a rapid disbursement of resources.  Locally our longstanding commitment to Tohoku has assured donors and supporters that we direct resources where they are most needed. Our experience in Tohoku has helped us and PWJ quickly assess needs and provide needed food, water, shelter, showers, sanitation, and other resources to displaced residents of Kumamoto.

As immediate relief in Kumamoto transitions to recovery, we will determine with partners how best to assist those needs.  Yet we will not diminish our attention on Tohoku, whose needs remain. Our partnership with Minamisanriku community centers will continue and we will actively seek out new opportunities to assist the coastal fishing communities of Tohoku.

Thank you for your support for both of these responses.

A pet-friendly Peace Winds shelter

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