Staff and Supplies Arrive in Kesennuma, Japan

Two helicopters loaded with Peace Winds emergency relief foods and materials (cooking supplies, blankets, kerosene, etc) arrived in the city of Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture. Our land transportation team of 4, loading additional relief foods and materials, left Niigata today for Kesennuma.

Peace Winds is working at evacuation centers in Kesennuma to distribute emergency supplies.  In collaboration with the City of Kesennuma, Peace Winds will evaluate the needs of disaster survivors and respond accordingly.

Transporting relief foods and materials to disaster areas is becoming increasingly difficult.  Fuel shortages, damaged roads, and aftershocks continue to pose challenges. Peace Winds is making every effort to make the necessary arrangements so that we can continue to provide assistance to people in need.  From March 14th onwards, Peace Winds will continue to transport relief foods and materials to the affected areas by air and land, while closely monitoring the situation in order to identify priority areas of assistance.

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