Middle East Programs

Timeframe: 1996-Present

Since its founding in 1996, Peace Winds has been assisting communities in the Middle East who are struggling due to conflicts and man-made crises in the region.

Peace Winds has a long, established presence in the Middle East. In 1996, Peace Winds Japan implemented its first humanitarian assistance programs in Iraq. Over the last two decades, Peace Winds has spread its relief and recovery efforts to other areas in the region, including Afghanistan and Gaza. Within the region, Peace Winds has been providing food assistance, shelter construction, medical care, health and sanitation, social welfare, education, and livelihood training opportunities.

Since 2012, Peace Winds has been focusing on refugees and displaced persons affected by growing conflicts in Syria.  Peace Winds supports WASH (Water and Sanitation, Hygiene Assistance) programs, shelter and housing construction, education, and livelihood programs.

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