Haiti Hurricane Matthew

Timeframe: 2016-Present

On October 4th, 2016, Hurricane Matthew ripped through Haiti. Damages are immense in Torbeck, which is still recovering from the devastating 2010 earthquake. In our relief work Peace Winds makes a point of seeking out communities that are overlooked in distribution. Peace Winds is working in the underserved area of Saint-Jean-du Sud, where we have provided shelters, building materials/tool kits, and relief goods to 8,000 people. Peace Winds now needs your help to repair school roofs and provide kits to students and teachers. The community wants to restore the education system in Balix, a rural area outside Torbeck, but lacks the resources.


When Hurricane Matthew struck southwestern Haiti, residents not only lost their homes but their livestock and farmlands. Peace Winds has been working with the community to restore homes. In Balix children have been learning in a crowded church while they wait for their school to be rebuilt.  The super hurricane destroyed the roofs of all three schools and carried away or ruined the furniture, teaching materials, and instructional necessities.


Working with the Mayor of Torbeck and the Headmasters of the Balix schools, Peace Winds is now raising funds to restore functioning schools. In cooperation with the community, Peace Winds replaced the roof on the kindergarten, and classes are resuming. Now, primary school and secondary school need roofs as well as benches, tables, desks, blackboards, teaching materials, and textbooks.

Long Term Impact

The Balix schools will provide the education that students need to thrive. Schooling interrupts the cycle of disadvantage and poverty that plagues this region. This assistance focuses on a region where little or  no relief and recovery are being provided. As PWA works closely with at-risk Haitians, this program will and support their recovery process. When our project is complete, 600 students will return to fully functioning schools.

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