Sister Cities Disaster Preparedness Initiative

The Asia-Pacific is home to millions of people in vibrant cities that drive their nation’s economies.  Effective disaster preparedness, management, and response capabilities for these cities are critical to public safety and to political and economic stability.  PWA developed the Sister Cities Initiative in recognition of the pivotal role of cities in disaster preparedness and response.  Using the international sister cities network, this Initiative enhances disaster management by building capacities and utilizing a “whole of society” framework for emergency responders, especially the private sector.

PWA – Seattle-Hai Phong Sister Cities target business continuity and resilience.

HCMC_LaunchApril 2013 — The Sister Cities of Seattle and Hai Phong are initiating a program to strengthen business resilience—hazard mapping, continuity planning, disaster response and recovery.

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PWA Launches Vietnam-U.S. Sister Cities Initiative

Bijan Karimi describes the San Francisco Emergency Response Plan to city officials in Ho Chi Minh City

July 16, 2012 – From July 2 to July 10, 2012 Peace Winds America  and the sister cities of Ho Chi Minh City – San Francisco and Hai Phong – Seattle launched the Vietnam-U.S. Sister Cities Disaster Preparedness Initiative.  Participants met in Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong and the capitol Hanoi to assess needs and design upcoming disaster preparedness workshops.

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Japan- U.S. Updates, Sister Cities Initiative Is Expanding to Vietnam

May-September – Officials of Sister Cities, Kobe and Osaka, reported that the 2010 Japan-U.S. Sister Cities Disaster Preparedness Exchange has proven very useful as these two cities assisted city officials in Miyagi and Iwate prefectures. 

August  – In 2012 Peace Winds America will expand the Sister Cities Disaster Preparedness Initiative to Vietnam.  The Mayors and People’s Committee Chairmen from the sister cities of San Francisco – Ho Chi Minh City and Seattle – Hai Phong signed agreements committing to work together in PWA’s Sister Cities Disaster Preparedness Initiative. Disaster managers from Vietnam will meet their U.S. counterparts to exchange ideas and engage in cross-cultural dialogue that promotes innovative thinking and creative solutions in disaster management.

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2010 Japan – U.S. Sister Cities Natural Disaster Preparedness and Response Exchange

September 21, 2010 – August Peace Winds America and the Seattle Office of Emergency Management inaugurated the Sister Cities Disaster Preparedness Initiative from September 15 – 17 at the Seattle Emergency Operations Center.  The Japan – U.S. Sister Cities Disaster Preparedness and Response Exchange hosted nearly 100 participants from the public, private and NGO sectors.  Participants represented the sister cities of Seattle – Kobe, San Francisco – Osaka, and Honolulu – Hiroshima.

Seattle Emergency Management Director Barb Graff at the Japan – U.S. Sister Cities Disaster Preparedness and Response Exchange.

Participants shared valuable emergency management experience, innovative technologies, and best practices.  Collaboration and coordination within and among governments, NGOs, and the private sector were continuously highlighted as the key to effective disaster management.  The Exchange helped to build and strengthen these relationships, and initiated an international network of disaster management professionals.  With Japan and the U.S. as the cornerstone, PWA and the Sister Cities Disaster Preparedness Initiative will expand this network throughout the Asia-Pacific, enabling ongoing relationships and sharing of proven strategies.


Download Conference Proceedings: 2010 Japan – U.S. Sister Cities Exchange

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