February Policy Forums

Disaster Preparedness Initiative Policy Forums – February 2012


Peace Winds America hosted two senior-level policy forums as part of its ongoing Civil-Military Disaster Preparedness Initiative. The Washington, D.C. forum was held on the 15th of February. This forum brought together experts and officials from the U.S. Department of Defense Office of the Secretary of Defense, U.S. Department of State, the Embassy of Japan, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and representation from the NGO and private sectors, as well as Peace Winds staff.

General W. C. Gregson and Representative Mieko Nakabayashi prior to the forum of 29 February.

The Japan forum was hosted at the Tokyo Foundation’s headquarters in Tokyo on the 29th of February. Participants and contributors at this event included the Ministry of Defense International Operations Division, Defense Policy Division and Joint Staff Office, the JGSDF Central Readiness Force, the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, the National Defense Academy, the Japan International Cooperation Agency, U.S. Forces Japan, U.S. DOD, the Consulate of the Unites States in Okinawa, the Tokyo Foundation, NGO officials and the private sector.

These forums advance the PWA Civil-Military Initiative by bringing together officials to discuss the most pressing issues in bi-, tri-, and multilateral humanitarian assistance/disaster relief in the Asia Pacific region. By providing a venue for cross-agency discussion and the opportunity to address big-picture issues in HA/DR, these forums set the stage for the upcoming Disaster Preparedness Workshop in May/June 2012. Raising key topic such as interagency information sharing, optimizing the role of the NGO and private sector and the way organizations and state actors can factor in each other’s capabilities and limitations, the forums made important progress on these and other crucial issues.

Peace Winds America gratefully acknowledges program support from Hitachi Ltd. and from Akira Co.

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