CMI Forum

PWA Hosts Civil-Military Disaster Preparedness Initiative Forum


May 17, 2011 | U.S. Embassy, Tokyo


Bringing together officers and representatives from a wide variety of government bodies, militaries and NGOs, 2011-2012 Civil-Military Disaster Preparedness Initiative May forum sought to tackle a few of the key questions that inform countries’ response to humanitarian crises and disasters. One of the central questions raised in this forum was: What informs a country’s decision to become involved in a humanitarian or disaster response? How do politics, historical considerations, logistical obstacles and individual departmental policies shape the decision? Peace Winds America has made this a central theme of the Civil-Military Initiative because of its crucial importance to relief and response work. This forum gave participants the opportunity to share policies and discuss theoretical deployments collaboratively. During the group session portion of the forum, participants met in small groups to consider issues such as host nation security environments, pre-existing agreements, command & control issues and cooperation with sister agencies and NGOs. As the first forum in a two-year program designed to strengthen the US-Japan disaster response alliance and improve regional capabilities, this event provided an important introduction to many of the issues that will be addressed throughout the course of the Civil-Military Disaster Preparedness Initiative.


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