Announcing the June 2012 Disaster Preparedness Workshop

The Japan-U.S.-South Korea Civil-Military Initiative:

Disaster Preparedness Workshop

June 5-6, 2012

Nippon Foundation Building |Tokyo, Japan

Peace Winds America is pleased to announce the next event in its ongoing Civil-Military Disaster Preparedness Initiative, the 2012 Disaster Preparedness Workshop: Deployment, Execution, Transition.  Building on the success of recent Initiative events, including policy forums and the September, 2011 preparedness workshop, the upcoming Workshop will explore how agencies cooperate, share information and devise strategies while preparing for and responding to Asia Pacific natural disasters.

The Workshop will be hosted by the Tokyo Foundation and will feature participation from our many Initiative partners including the foreign ministries, aid agencies and militaries of Japan, the U.S. and South Korea, United Nations disaster response agencies, local and international NGOs and members of the private sector.  The Workshop will comprise presentations and case studies as well as exercises and opportunities for participants to work in small groups.  With its focus on on-the-ground decisions, partnering before, during and after disasters and mechanisms for sharing information during deployment and the transition to recovery, this Workshop offers participants the opportunity to share their organizations’ best practices and strengthen ties with other responders and managers.

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