Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Response and Recovery (HA/DR)

Peace Winds America is committed to serving people affected by natural disasters. Through humanitarian assistance and disaster response, PWA helps the most needy  by working with local authorities, NGOs, and national governments at the scene of a natural disaster to provide necessary aid and resources available from US, Japan, and other sources. PWA staff and skilled partners coordinate on-site relief and rehabilitation, and provide liaison services between international responders. For more information on how to get involved click here.

Vietnam – U.S. Disaster Preparedness Initiative

P1000590This USAID funded Initiative focuses on increasing business resilience and improving public-private coordination on disaster planning within Hai Phong. PWA is working closely with Hai Phong government and business representatives, providing technical expertise to strengthen disaster planning, risk reduction and recovery. The program  harnesses the existing Seattle-Hai Phong Sister City relationship, relying heavily on  disaster management and business continuity experts within the Seattle area. For more information on the Vietnam-U.S. Disaster Preparedness Initiative click here.

Civil-Military Disaster Preparedness Initiative

131127-M-DG262-054The Civil-Military Disaster Preparedness Initiative is a series of workshops and forums that address disaster preparedness, risk reduction, coordination and collaboration. PWA has developed the Civil-Military Disaster Preparedness Initiative in response to the increasingly important role of military in disaster relief, particularly in Asia Pacific. With the U.S. – Japan alliance as its foundation, this Initiative focuses on civil-military preparedness policies, planning and execution. This Initiative strengthens the relationship of military and civilian disaster agencies and improves coordination between U.S. and Japanese disaster response mechanisms. Areas of focus include: pre-deployment, deployment, risk reduction, execution, exit/transition, policy and coordination. For more information on the Civil-Military Disaster Preparedness Initiative click here.

Organic Themes