PWA Launches New Civil-Military Initiative

May, 2013 – Peace Winds America is pleased to announce the launch of the 2013-2015 Japan-U.S.-Philippines Civil-Military Disaster Preparedness Initiative.  Following the successful conclusion of the 2011-2012 Japan-U.S. Initiative, PWA is excited to continue progress on this critical topic.

The Japan-U.S.-Philippines Initiative will maintain a focus on PWA’s signature approach to collaborative disaster preparedness and response: the “whole of society” model.  In this model, participatory training and policy discussions encompass the full spectrum of disaster stakeholders.  Major HA/DR responders, such as national assistance agencies and UN organizations, will participate, as well as organizations often overlooked: private businesses, local NGOs and military branches.  PWA’s program design includes and empowers officials at all levels, from on-the-ground responders to national policy-makers.  Throughout, original research and in-depth interviews will establish PWA as a clearinghouse of knowledge on this topic and will form the basis of the report published at the end of the program.  This report will be a comprehensive policy and analysis document similar to PWA’s recent publication, Strengthening the Alliance: HA/DR Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific.

Inclusion of the Philippines as a major partner is a new element of the 2013-2015 Initiative.  As a perennial victim of disasters, a key member of ASEAN and a potential future responder, the Philippines is well positioned for this outreach.  Its political, economic, and military partnership with Japan and the U.S. make it ideal for intensive civil-military HA/DR training.  Philippine representatives from its domestic response and foreign departments, military, NGO and private sectors will collaborate to learn and disseminate best practices in emergency preparedness, response, and resilience.  ASEAN representation will help the Philippines transition from host nation to future provider and instructor.

The 2013-2015 Initiative is sponsored in part by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.  Peace Winds America is grateful to be included in the Sasakawa Peace Foundation’s mission of programs that contribute to the international public good.

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