Kumamoto Transitions from Camps to Temporary Housing

Helping evacuees move to government housing

For the past five months Kumamoto earthquake evacuees have been living in basic shelters, tents, and housing camps in Mashiki and Nishihara and other towns in the region.  Peace Winds has been providing shelters, food, and counseling, targeting those with children, pets, and special needs.

The Local and Central Governments have nearly completed building more suitable housing for the evacuees, and Peace Winds is now planning to move 2,000 families to the new homes and provide them with basic household supplies.

The move to better housing is long awaited and in time for the change of seasons.  The new housing will provide increased privacy, more space, and necessary amenities required to make it a “home” including indoor kitchens and bathrooms, a welcome change for evacuees who have long shared latrines and communal kitchens.  The evacuees will be in temporary housing up to three years.

Peace Winds will be assisting the evacuees with their move as the new housing is completed.  Additionally Peace Winds will provide the families with kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, vacuum cleaners, air filters/dehumidifiers, heating carpets, and heaters.  Peace Winds is planning to have the all evacuees in their new housing by the end of 2016.

Peace Winds welcomes your support to relocate 2,000 families from Mashiki and Nishihara to new housing and to provide each family with basic household set-up kits to make the new homes more comfortable.  Thank you.

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