Peace Winds Expands Relief Operations to Three Additional Cities

Peace Winds recently surveyed several disaster sites in northeast Japan. The survey identified Ofunato and Rikuzen Takada (Iwate Prefecture), as well as Minami Sanriku (Miyagi Prefecture) as the three cities in greatest need of assistance. To serve the disaster-stricken areas, Peace Winds has arranged a daily convoy of ten trucks to deliver supplies to these cities and to existing Peace Winds relief operations in Kesennuma, Miyagi. Peace Winds staff is working nonstop to distribute supplies and offer emergency services to disaster survivors.

Peace Winds America CEO Dr. Charles Aanenson joined the Peace Winds Japan team to conduct further assessments of the sites that together they will target for assistance. Delivering 1,000 liters of kerosene and 1,000 kilos of food to the City of Kesennuma, Dr. Aanenson and PWJ CEO Ken Onishi visited the Kesennuma shelters that PWJ had established earlier in the week. These shelters have been supplied with food, water, blankets, telecommunications equipment, clothing, towels, sanitary items, mattresses, and kerosene cookers and heaters. Kerosene is the most difficult item to obtain. Aanenson is working to obtain kerosene from the U.S. military at Yokota airbase.

Upon arrival in Kesennuma and at the other three cities, Peace Winds  immediately called upon the mayors of the cities and also met with the Japan Self-Defense Force on-site commander to discuss the needs, logistics, and cooperation with and among all parties. The four cities where Peace Winds is working have the full approval, and cooperation, of the City officials and the Japan military.

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