New Homes for Families in Iwate

May 25, 2011 – Mr. Nakamura of Ofunato is 80 years old and admits that he thinks too often of the past.  He remembers his home, his belongings, and his life before the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.  Nakamura pledged that “when I move into the temporary housing, I will move forward with my life.  Remembering what used to be does not do any good.”

On May 12, Nakamura moved into his temporary home, and Peace Winds provided him with numerous household supplies.  Looking at the supplies, Nakamura adds that “every time I receive any items, I am so grateful it brings tears to my eyes.  Thank you very much!”

Peace Winds will deliver household supplies to nearly 11,000 homes in Iwate Prefecture alone.  On a recent trip to Kamaishi, Chuck Aanenson, Mari Poorman, and Junko Yoda of Peace Winds America helped deliver supplies to 87 temporary homes that house over 200 people.  Poorman noted that, “What these people have overcome is really incredible.  One couple told me of an upcoming family reunion with their daughters at their new home.  I was so happy for them.”

Elderly and single-parent families are the first to move into temporary homes under Iwate’s temporary housing scheme.

Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura with
household supplies


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