Minamisanriku Bakery Goes Mobile

January 10, 2012 – Before the March 11 tsunami, Bakery Yuushindou was a favorite among Minamisanriku locals.  Mr. Yuushindou recalls how high school students especially used to file in at lunch time for pastries and an assortment of breads.  Like many of the retailers in Minaminsanriku, Bakery Yuushindou closed after the March 2011 tsunami, its facilities completely destroyed.  The Yuushindou family was uncertain whether their bakery would ever reopen again.

In collaboration with the Minamisanriku Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Peace Winds has provided Bakery Yuushindou a mobile market, and the Yuushindou family is back in business.  The bakery truck, filled with bread and other treats, makes stops at the Minamisanriku town hall, the hospital, temporary housing complexes and numerous other locations. On his daily route, Mr. Yuushindou, an enthusiastic businessman, says he is welcomed by loyal customers, many of whom lost their own means of transportation in the tsunami.

The Yuushindou family plans to open a store later this year in the Minamisanriku Temporary Shopping District.  With a store in the shopping district and the mobile market, the Yuushindous see a bright future for their family business. Energized by his mobile bakery, Mr. Yuushindou declares that “until the shopping district opens up, I don’t want the townspeople to forget Bakery Yuushindou.”

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