Messages of Gratitude from Japan

June 6, 2011 – In a letter of gratitude to earthquake and tsunami supporters, Seattle’s Consul General of Japan Kiyokazu Ota reflected that, “Nothing could have prepared us for the incredible destruction that took place, but the outpouring of concern and kindness has been even more overwhelming.”

Earthquake and tsunami survivors in the Tohoku region are conveying similar messages.  On a recent trip to the region, Chuck Aanenson and Mari Poorman of Peace Winds America noticed many highway billboards that thanked donors, relief workers, and volunteers.  These messages didn’t stop with billboards.  In towns throughout Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures, banners at gas stations, signs at schools, and advertisements in newspapers all conveyed the same humble message of gratitude.  Local residents didn’t stop there.  They continuously thanked, praised, and encouraged Peace Winds and other relief workers personally.

The resilient residents are certainly encouraged by the influx of support from around the world.  The slogan “Never Give Up”, often written in both English and Japanese, appears throughout the Tohoku Region.  PWA CEO Chuck Aanenson said, “Tohoku residents are humbled by the support they are receiving.  Their ability to graciously endure through these tough times is a testament to their character.”

Prime Minister Naoto Kan also wrote a letter to express gratitude on behalf of Japan.  Kan stated, “It is my firm conviction that through the fundamental strengths inherent to the Japanese people and the cordial cooperation of the international community, we can achieve recovery without fail.”

Peace Winds would also like to thank the many donors that have supported our relief and recovery operations in Japan.  It is your donations that allow Peace Winds to reach those most in need.

Message from Prime Minister Naoto Kan


Message from Seattle Consul General of Japan Kiyokazu Ota

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