Kesennuma High School Reopens Its Media Room

July 6, 2012 – “There was no budget for the Media Room. Without Peace Winds support, our students would have no access to special classes with audio/visual capability.”  Principal Seto of Koyo Maritime High School knew that the school’s empty Media Room detracted from his students learning experience.  The former Media Room, destroyed along with the rest of Koyo Maritime High School in the March 2011 tsunami, was a favorite among students, a place to consume and create using various technologies.  With Peace Winds support, the delighted Principal Seto was able to reopen the Koyo Media Room.

In April 2012 Peace Winds equipped the Koyo Media Room with a screen, projector, laptop, speakers, microphones and monitor.  For Peace Winds the Media Room represented an opportunity to not only help Koyo students, but also to support the future of the fishing industry in the area.  The room is actively used now by Koyo students, faculty, the PTA and even nearby community groups who need a meeting space.

Koyo Maritime High School in Kesennuma trains young men and women to work in the fishing industry.  The school has operated for over 100 years, but temporarily closed after the March 2011 tsunami.  Located near the sea, Koyo Maritime High School was the only Kesennuma high school destroyed in March 2011.  Luckily, all Koyo students and staff took refuge on the school’s roof during the tsunami, and no lives were lost.  In November 2011, Koyo reopened in a temporary building provided by the Japan government.

Koyo Maritime High School covers grades 10 to 12 and has an average enrollment of 350 students.  The students are split into three different departments: the Marine Information Department, which teaches sailing, navigation, and other maritime skills; the Industry Department, which focuses on business and food processing skills; and the Machine Technology Department, which teaches machinery and engines.

Photos:  (Top) Mari Poorman of PWA and Koyo Maritime High School administrators in the new Koyo Media Room.  (Bottom) The former Koyo Maritime High School building, destroyed in the March 2011 tsunami. 

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