Household Kits to Families in Iwate

April 14, 2011 – On April 9th, 36 families in Rikuzentakata moved into temporary houses after spending nearly one month in a crowded shelter. ¬†Peace Winds supplied families with households kits to get them started in their new homes. Provisions in the household kits include kitchen supplies, bedding, clothing, sanitary items, first aid kits, and much more. The household kits are tailored according to family composition. One recipient expressed gratitude saying, “We are really happy to receive a set of daily commodities that are useful right away.”

After nearly one month in shelters, disaster survivors eagerly await the arrival of additional houses. In the months ahead, thousands of families will move out of shelters and into temporary homes. An estimated 4000 families in Rikuzentakata and 2000 families in Ofunato will receive Peace Winds household kits to ease this transition.

The 36¬†temporary houses in Rikuzentakata are the first constructed for disaster survivors under Iwate Prefecture’s temporary housing scheme. Thousands more houses are currently under construction. Peace Winds is working closely with Iwate Prefecture to coordinate Iwate’s temporary housing scheme.

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