Consul General Ota’s Remarks on Tsunami Relief

Consul General Ota

Consul General Ota delivers remarks to PWA donors and supporters. Congressman Jim McDermott is at right.

At an event on August 12 to honor Peace Winds America’s donors and supporters of its Japan tsunami relief effort, Consul General Kiyokazu Ota spoke to the guests about the disaster and response.  Below are excerpts from his remarks:

No matter how hard we try, expressing the intensity of our shock and grief is impossible. However, over the last 5 months, I have witnessed that expressing amazing amounts friendship and support is possible…

In the three states our Consulate oversees, individuals and groups from every walk of life have shown that, although we all have different ways of expressing it, humanity’s strongest universal attributes are generosity and love. I would like to specially thank Representative McDermott and Peace Winds America for their initiative in organizing fundraising. Local businesses, organizations and private individuals have collectively donated millions of dollars to relief efforts. Your outpouring of encouragement and assistance brought the light of hope in a very dark time…

On behalf of my government and the people of Japan, I would like to convey our profound gratitude to you for your friendship and support. Japan is now more united than ever and ready to overcome all challenges. American help has been present at every stage of the process, helping us to get back on out feet…

Although it will take years, we are now striving to channel the aid you have given us not simply to restore what was lost, but to innovatively develop reflecting core strengths of modern Japanese society: security, high-level technology and safety. Your emotional and financial support is precious encouragement for us, and thanks to it, we will pick ourselves up from this catastrophe.


Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. More than simply putting us on the road to recovery, you have shown us the true meaning of friendship. Arigato gozaimashita.


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