Economic Recovery with Chamber of Commerce and Industry

May 2, 2011 – A small, prefabricated structure is the temporary home for Rikuzentakata’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CoCI).  The CoCI reopened the second week of April, nearly one month after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami destroyed its former location.  On April 21, Peace Winds gave the office a boost with the delivery of some essential supplies and services.  Three laptops, internet, a color printer, an LCD television with an antenna, steel cabinets, a digital camera, and much more helped restart operations at this local bastion for business.  The functional office is a valued information center for local businesses and the general public.

Peace Winds is also collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to support local economic recovery.  The City of Rikuzentakata and Peace Winds developed and initiated a plan to operate free bus services between shelters, hospitals, supermarkets, and other local retailers to stimulate commerce.  For those still in shelters, the bus service offers a welcomed opportunity to connect with other parts of the city and with surrounding areas.  Peace Winds and the CoCI are also offering CoCI members
temporary use of insured vehicles for business purposes.

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