Bathhouse Constructed in Ofunato City

March 28, 2011 – Peace Winds is responding to sanitation concerns by hiring local carpenters to construct a temporary bathhouse in Ofunato, Iwate.  Many disaster survivors in Ofunato’s evacuation centers lacked sufficient access to bathing facilities nearly four weeks after the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan.  In conjunction with the City of Ofunato, Peace Winds developed a plan to address sanitation concerns while putting carpenters back to work and recycling materials from disaster hit areas.  This project represents a step towards recovery for Ofunato.

Peace Winds is committed to utilizing local human and material resources in its relief and recovery programs.  Our on-the-ground staff continue to work with the City of Ofunato and officials from the other areas we serve in order to restore livelihoods and support local economies.

In addition to bathing facilities, evacuees asked for clothing, undergarments, and other sanitary items to improve the sanitary conditions at evacuation shelters.  Peace Winds is working hard to meet these needs.

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