Distributing Food Kits to Internally Displaced People in Syria

Seven years have passed since the Syrian crisis began in 2011. According to a UN report, 13.5 million people are internally displaced, six million of whom are children under the age of 18. The prolonged conflicts have taken a toll. The economy is collapsing and the majority of the population lives in a state of poverty. Many areas have sustained major infrastructure damage, cutting off access to electricity and safe water. The price of food and other supplies has increased dramatically, forcing many to reduce their meals and portions.

Under these circumstances, Peace Winds is cooperating with local organizations to distribute food kits to internally displaced people struggling through these difficult circumstances.

Mr. Noor* is one of many who have benefited from food assistance. “Because there are no jobs for me, I find plastic bags and nylon rope from garbage every day and sell them.”  Mr. Noor lives with his family of five children in a small tent. “Even if you work for long days, the income is very little. My youngest son has a heart condition, and I have to save to buy his medicine.”

A food kit ready for distribution. The items are procured locally to help stimulate the economy.

When Mr. Noor began receiving food kits, his family’s situation improved. “I have saved a lot [now that I don’t have to save money for food]. I had been living only with bread and vegetables,” he said. “My children had not eaten cheese for a long time, and I am very pleased we can eat it now. I have saved food expenses, and now I can spend it on my son’s medicine.”

A staff member of the local organization that helps Peace Winds distribute food kits and other supplies stated, “The services necessary for daily life are not enough. We must continue the support and broaden our assistance so we can better respond to the needs of internally displaced people.”

Syria is having a harsh winter season. These cold months are a priority for maintaining the supplies of food, safe water, clothing, and medicines. Peace Winds is committed to assisting displaced people in Syria.

* Considering the local situation in Syria, names and areas of activity have been changed.

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