Delivering School Supplies to Hurricane Affected Schools in Saint Jean du Sud

By the end of May, Peace Winds staff completed its delivery of textbooks and blackboards to four schools affected by the Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. The delivery was received by kindergartners, primary and secondary school students, and their teachers who have been longing for necessary school materials since the Hurricane destroyed the area seven months ago.

“It’s been more than seven months since the Hurricane Matthew.  Yet 80% of our students are still without textbooks.” said Mie Odette, the principal at Ecole Nationale de Marescot, where about 300 students attend. Families cannot afford to buy their children any school supplies as they are struggling to make a living, especially after the hurricane.  “Parents are very excited about this support.  They will be happy to have these books, blackboards and materials for our schools,” said Ms. Odette.  “We thank Peace Winds for helping all our children.”

Secondary school students helping the delivery of textbooks.

Hurricane Matthew totally destroyed the Ecole National de Debouchette.  Since October, these students have to go to the classrooms at the Ecole Nationale de Boulay.  “Some students have to walk over two hours to get to school.  It is very difficult to walk especially during the heavy rain like today,“ said Boulay principal Mr. Laguerre.

“I can see many families recovering after the hurricane having difficulties economically.  Many students are coming to school very hungry,” Mr. Laguerre continued.  “Students have to study at a different school. There are so many hardships after the hurricane.  It’s also been very difficult to teach without textbooks.  But now all the students can have textbooks significantly impacting our school as a whole.”

Two principals of the schools thanking Peace Winds.

With your generous support, Peace Winds delivered textbooks and much-needed materials to four schools by the fourth week of May. Peace Winds will continue to deliver school supplies to over 2,000 students at all seven schools in Saint Jean du Sud Commune.

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