Our Mission

Vision: Peace Winds America envisions a world where disaster response begins with preparedness. This vision comes from our core belief that preparing for disasters is the best way to mitigate their effects.

Mission: Our mission is to build capacity, increase collaboration, and empower local cities & communities in the Asia Pacific in order to improve preparedness and provide a more integrated, efficient, and effective disaster response.

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Readiness: Increasing Collaboration & Building Capacity

PWA fosters the exchange of resources and best practices through international workshops and conferences, in order to strengthen disaster management capabilities both between and within the countries of the Asia-Pacific. Our programs bring together disaster managers and key decision-makers in the government, military, NGO, and private sectors to increase coordination and improve individual capacity. This collaboration results in a greater connectivity and coordination among disaster managers, planners and responders, which, in turn provides a more integrated and efficient disaster response. We work with all levels of civilian governments—from city emergency management offices to cabinet-level departments and ministries—as well as humanitarian aid experts from the U.S. military, Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) and non-profit organizations.

Response: Reducing the Impact of Natural Disasters

To help mitigate natural disasters when they do occur, PWA partners with local NGOs on-site in affected countries to ensure that donor resources are used  efficiently by those with expert knowledge of the communities we assist. Our relief programs focus on organizations that employ sustainable and culturally appropriate recovery solutions with an emphasis on strengthening preparedness for future disasters. In the event of a disaster, our staff and NGO partners coordinate on-site relief, rehabilitation, and provide liaison assistance among local, national, and international responders.

PWA: Winds of Change

PWA’s model of change comes from the simple belief that better preparedness equals a better response.

Peace Winds America was founded by Dr. Charles Aanenson in 2008 to address the gap between disaster preparedness and response in the Asia-Pacific. A 20-year veteran of USAID, Dr. Aanenson identified a key gap in the world of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief during his last post at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, Japan. While many organizations address disaster relief in the Asia Pacific – including governments, militaries, NGOs and the private sector – improved collaboration is necessary to provide effective natural disaster preparedness and relief. To address this need, Peace Winds America was founded to strengthen preparedness and improve response.

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